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ucanet Updates

4/1/2024 - Fixed issues, tutorial video

  • Long time since the last update! I've been very busy in my personal life. Hopefully more people will contribute to the ucanet team to help make the net stronger :-)
  • Welcome our new moderators for the Discord server!
  • A tutorial video (recorded last year...) is on the website now!
  • Expired token causing entries to not update. Fixed!
  • Cleaning up some things

7/31/23 - General housekeeping

I'm still active! Added some new Protoweb sites and changed a few things around. Expect more soon :)

3/9/23 - Protoweb support added

Thanks to the Protoweb team for helping out with this. Check out protoweb.org for more.

3/6/23 - Bug fixes, site updates, and more

  • Fixed Neocities indexing bug. Added support for older browsers.
  • ucanet.net is now accessible on browsers without Host header support.
  • Refined some website features
  • Many many little bug fixes

2/22/23 - Website development begins

Creating initial website ucanet.net

2/15/23 - Ucanet core beta complete

  • Finished writing initial ucanet-server
  • Finished writing initial ucanet-discord-bot
  • Added Neocities support
  • Created registry

2/7/23 - Finally started writing ucanet

Creating initial ucanet core

?/?/18 - Idea for ucanet begins

Idea for ucanet begins here.

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